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Cohesion Dynamics uses various tools to support our clients in discovering the potential of their organization, teams and themselves.  From which, respective relevant foundation could be developed towards their desired goals.  Some of the tools we used are mentioned below:
Organization Development:

Workplace Effectiveness Survey

High Initiative Team (HIT) Assessment

Team Effectiveness Checklist

Stress Index

Strategic Planning Tool

Fostering Collaboration

Business Owner Needs Assessment

Strategic and Annual Marketing Plan

The Spirit and Soul Assessment Inventory

Assessing the Spirit and Soul of Organizations

Spirit of Achievement and Connection of Soul

Checklist for Assessing a Company Spirit and Soul

Assessing the Workplace Environment for Collaboration

The Collaborative Leadership Assessment 


Quality of Life 100

101 Things to Work on with Your Coach

Goals to Work on with Your Coach

The Attachment Index

Adrenaline Self-Test

Strengths Inventory

Growing Down: The Roots of Calling

Naming & Claiming Your Vision

Reclaiming Personal Power Exercise

Embracing Calling: A Self-Assessment

Committing to the Vision: A Self-Assessment

... many other evaluations tools in the areas of coaching, organizational development, training & development, personal development are available.  From workshops and working with you, we also create a host of evaluation tools specific to the needs of your organization, teams and individuals.

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