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Cohesion Dynamics uses various assessment tools to assist our clients in their development. Some of the more frequently used ones are described below and are available in different languages. We will also be pleased to employ whichever assessment tool that your organization uses or wish to use.

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance): DISC is a language of observable, measurable behavior. The DISC assessment is designed to capture how we act - our behaviors and emotions. The DISC assessment measures the “how” of an individual’s behavior. Some of the areas where DISC is used include: 

Team Building


Leadership / Management Development

Sales Training

Sales Management

Stress Management

Energy / Time Management

Conflict Management


Team Assessment

Performance Appraisals

Feedback System

Career Transition

Customer Satisfaction

PIA&V (Personal Interest, Activities & Values): The PIA&V Assessment measures and provides insight into the “why” of behaviors. The assessment helps an individual discover personal motivators by identifying attitudes, beliefs and values. It is these attitudes, beliefs and values that moves a person into actions. The tool can be used in conjunction with other assessments such as DISC.

PCSI (Personal Communication Styles Inventory): The PCSI® is a tool that helps individuals and teams understand how to connect more easily in relationships. The four PCSI® styles provide awareness on how these styles are expressed in the personal life and professional workplace. With a deeper understanding of styles, individuals can learn to flex their styles to create enriching relationships. Following are some uses for the PCSI®:


Evaluate Feedback for Team Effectiveness

●  360 Feedback Tool

Evaluate Feedback for the Individual

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