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Samuel is a Corporate & Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator with diverse and solid successful professional background, including finance & accounting, sales & marketing, international business development, strategic planning and information technology. He brings over 30 years of executive experience from the business sector and, from the United Nation and non-profit sectors. He has held positions as Chief Financial Officer, European Financial Controller, Group Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, International Manager, Financial Planning & Reporting Manager and Strategic Planning & Production Forecasting Manager in manufacturing based US and European multinational corporations and national sales & distribution companies. He has worked across Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific regions.  His success through people gravitates him towards developing people.

Samuel's hands-on specialty is Inspiring Human Potential in individuals, teams and organizations. He is passionate about finding the true excellence in people and bringing it into their work and life. His energy, his desire to enjoy life and his interest in the success of his clients are often factors that attract new clients to his practice.

As a professional coach, his clients include ‘C’ position leaders, board members, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals. As an organizational consultant he specializes in change initiatives, strategy development and operational performance improvements. As a facilitator, he designs and deliver management and leadership training and development workshops, covering a wide range of organizational and personal needs.
Samuel is a Corporate Coach U Certified Coach. He is also certified by the International Coaching Federation as a Professional Certified Coach. He has a Master of Business Administration, two Master of Arts degrees with undergraduate qualifications in engineering, computers and accounting. He is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst and a Certified Professional Values Analyst. He is also a seasoned EFT practitioner.
He is a Singapore-Chinese, who works comfortably in English, French, Mandarin, and understands basic German. His hobbies include martial arts, golfing, scuba diving, and reading. One of Samuel’s secret hobbies is experimenting, where he has successfully combined martial arts teachings, Chinese energy system, philosophy, psychology, science, management and leadership theories and best practices to bring out the best in organizations, teams and individuals.

An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.

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