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Cohesion Dynamics is a group of professionals with a deep belief that organizations provide a perfect space for individuals to grow and mature, and to learn how to work with others towards a common vision, and thus contribute to the success of the organization, individual and society at large.

Our aim is to inspire people in achieving success and empower themselves so that ultimately the sum is greater than its parts. Organizations are composed of humans and therefore people are always at the center of change activities.  We are keen to lead organizations and their people from wherever they stand at a point in time to wherever they want to be - their vibrant successful future - and supporting them along the way.

We strive towards developing sustainable organisms, able to build their competencies and innovate and create value for themselves and the organization.  We encourage organizations and individuals to grow NOW into the future.

We are excited to make a contribution, however small it may appear, to human evolution!

Most of all, we'd be honored to make this journey together with you, your team and your organization.


All the knowledge I possess everyone can acquire, but my heart is all my own.

Cohesion Dynamics, route de Collex 20B, 1294 Genthod, Geneva, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 (0)22 774 3047; Email: swee@cohesion-dynamics.com